Monday, March 26, 2007

Tweek my tweeters

Odds n'ends from music heard on a Monday morning:

- My god Paul Desmond does play beautiful. The radio this morning was playing some Brubeck I didn't recognize (which is most of it). I've never liked Brubeck's music; I think his touch is terrible, his time on this recording was suspect, and Joe Morello couldn't swing from a tree- but there on top of it is Desmond, every note perfect, redeeming every track he's on. Every time I hear him I'm reminded of Coltrane's comment about Stan Getz- "Let's face it, we'd all sound like that if we could."

- Say what you want about ECM records, but do they ever know how to record a piano. This morning I had the luxury of the yoga studio to myself for an hour, so I listened to the Gismonte/Haden Magico record and some of Michael Cain's Circa. The speakers we have are really great Bose surround numbers, and it really drove home to me how good a piano can sound on record- it captured the whole instrument, the variety of the attacks, etc. I know Manfred is very good and very particular, and not every record should sound like an ECM record, but can it be THAT hard to record a piano effectively?

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