Thursday, March 22, 2007

Celebrity stalking the celery

When I lived in New York, celebrity sightings were no big deal; in fact, in my experience New Yorkers seemed to pride themselves on leaving people alone if they saw them on the street. I tried to do that, probably because I only seemed to bump into B-grade celebrities. In Boston, since seeing stars in person is less common, it's a little different...

Last night on my way home from teaching, I stopped at Whole Foods in Hingham for a bite. On walking in, there comparing carrots is Steven Tyler, Aerosmith frontman and famous local. (He lives three towns away from Hingham) It was just fairly... incongruous. I thought the two of the clerks (in suburban Whole Foods, apparently, they hire normal teenagers, not the twenty-ish hipsters you get in Boston) were going to faint. The third was blase: "Oh, c'mon, he and (football coach and local hero Bill) Belicheck are here all the time. Get over it."

Two observations- he's actually more normal looking in person than he is on television, not quite as drawn. And the way he stalks around on stage- that just seems to be the way he walks. He walked that way (pardon the allusion) back and forth across the produce aisle.

If this is excitement, I clearly need to get out more...

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