Wednesday, March 07, 2007

John Hollenbeck tonight in Boston, and links

First, I will be over at NEC tonight hearing the one and only John Hollenbeck present a concert of his large ensemble music. I've never heard this stuff live, so I'm excited. Theo Bleckman will be helping out by making unusual noises with his mouth. And singing too...

Best of the recent jazzweb- I hope to pick up on some of these strains soon.

Greg Tate on the state of black jazz.

Vijay Iyer talks about the scene.
I don't love everything of Vijay's I hear, but my respect and admiration grows for him seemingly monthly.
Doug Ramsay wonders about jazz education. Doug asks the (multi) million dollar question. The responses are also worthwhile, Darcy's being my favorite, not surprisingly.

Current listening- Mingus, "Tiajuana Moon" and Jason Moran, "Modernistic", courtesy of WHRB. They have a nice habit of playing several songs from a single album at a clip. Mingus is always nuts, never out of control- I love that. I wish more jazz shows, and music stations in general, would.

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