Tuesday, March 06, 2007

pretty stars were made to shine

An aside while working on the heavier stuff- yesterday afternoon I took a yoga class (I won't say where), and one of the young women behind me was wearing a typical yoga outfit, except with a shiny, sparkly, blingy bright green belt. I nearly fell out of my down dog. Initially, I thought this was absurd and a little bit crazy, but then I thought, "why not"? One of the reasons a lot of people do yoga (myself included) is to shine, to (re)create the part of ourselves that glows from the inside. If wearing it on the outside helps it along, who am I to say boo about it? Why not shine in any way possible?

That said, I won't be doing it myself anytime soon... green is just not my color.

I liked Sarah's yoga bit today.

Speaking of green, silly youtube moment of the day, Debbie Harry and... Kermit the Frog. (p.s. I just downloaded the Willie Nelson version of this tune, which in all seriousness is killin')

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Yogi Scott said...

A bright green belt is odder than anything I've ever seen at a Yoga class. Thanks!