Friday, March 02, 2007

Pat Donaher & behearer band at Lily Pad, Sunday 3/4, 8pm

From the Department of Shameless Self-Promotion:

Pat Donaher and behearer band
with the Dov Manski Quartet
Lily Pad, 1393 Cambridge Street,
Inman Square, Cambridge (near the fire station corner, next to the Druid)
Dov and co. go on at 7. We hit at 8:15 or so.

After our rehearsal last night, I am really pumped about the gig, and the music. We'll be playing a couple of tunes culled from the front lines of the behearer list, most notably Julius Hemphill's seminal Dogon AD. (I hope to write more about the tune soon, as transcribing and rehearsing it was very interesting. We were talking in rehearsal last night- does anyone know what the title alludes to?) We'll also be playing several tunes from "Ear of the Behearer", the Dewey Redman record that the project takes its name from. The album is interesting in the way it bounces back and forth from crazy-free tunes to fairly (but not quite) inside-sounding forms. We'll also play a ballad I wrote for Dewey (still struggling with the title), and "Ramblin'" by Ornette Coleman, Dewey's mentor, fellow Fort Worth native, and hero.

Now, they who will kick my ass on Sunday evening:

Jason Palmer- trumpet. This is my first chance to work with Jason, but not for lack of wanting. He is a fantastic, versitile kick-ass trumpet player, and a beautiful, quite guy. (quiet for a trumpet player, anyway) Best known for his work with Greg Osby and Matana Roberts, he also leads the only jam session I'll frequent regularly, Sunday afternoon at Wally's.

Bridget Kearney- bass. Bridge is one of my favorite local bass players, winner of more awards than I care to think about, and lots of fun at parties. (You can also see her with her more regular project Lake Street Dive next weekend at the Milky Way, in my neck of the woods.

Lucy Railton- cello. I met Lucy through Bridget, but it turns out that she runs in the same circles in London as my old friend (and No Sale Value bassist) Tom Mason. Auspicious company, and a more than worthy constituent. (Did I mention how cool it is to play with a cellist? I'm beside myself in a giddy, not quite age-appropriate kind of way) Lucy is often seen locally with the band Vroom.

Thor Thorvalldson returns from the last hit to hit happily things with wooden sticks. And so I'm not the only bald guy in the band.

It'll be great to hear Dov again as well. He subbed in my now-defunct band Lift a few years ago when he was a mere NEC pup, but I since he's grown into a local A-list pianist.

Tell your friends, warn your enemies, and I hope to see you there,

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