Monday, September 29, 2008

Daily musings

Wow, it's been awhile since I did this...

- A last minute concert announcement: Judy Silvano performs tonight at Lily Pad with Joe Lovano and the Fringe. I reviewed a similar gig last year, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Anytime you can see Garzone and Lovano on the same bill, and for only $10, how can you miss?

- I did get to most of the okayokay set last Thursday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The trio of Khabu, vocalist Kyoko Kitamura and woodwind freak Mike McGinnis rolled through a whimsical set of songs and improvisations, riffs on the Weekly World News, e.e. cummings, and original loops. Khabu is playing a lot more mandolin, in addition to his burning otherworldly electrics, which in a strange way grounds the proceedings. A lot of fun.

- Congratulations to Miguel Zinon on the announcement of his MacArthur fellowship, a truly remarkable event. Darcy opines about it. I'm still listening to some of Miguel's solo stuff- I'm not that farmiliar with them- thinking hard about this one and what it could mean. More soon.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ok, OK, Okay!

A last minute heads up- OkayOkay, featuring old friends and bandmates Mike McGinnis and Khabu, are making their only local appearance tonight at 10pm at the Lily Pad. Should be fantastic, so come out already...

More blogging tomorrow, finally, I promise!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Four Across tonight at Berklee

Last minute update- good friend and infrequent stagemate Carmen Staaf is part of a concert tonight at Berklee (the old Boylston street building) with Four Across, a great unit of former Seattlites. 7pm. Here's the myspace, go hit the gig.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Paul Motion Trio at the Vanguard 9/2/08

A trip to the Vanguard can feel a little like a pilgrimage- the place basically looks the same as it has for many years- only a few pictures on the wall seem to change. Everywhere there are references to all the amazing albums made there. It seems doubly so when the Motion/Frisell/Lovano trio play there. At this point, their two week run at the end of every summer is often their only one in the states, and over thirty years they have built a reputation as on of, if not the, best small group in jazz.

So when tenor saxophonist and longtime Motion collaborator Bill McHenry walked on the stage with his horn, it felt like going to a high Mass and seeing someone with a yamulkah on the altar. No explanation was ever given, and the band went through an hour of its typical music- several Motion originals recognizable from their albums, as well as "Good Morning Heartache", Body and Soul", and "Misterioso". But my concert companion and I were more than a little jarred by it. (I don't know if this was a one night thing; the Vanguard website still lists Lovano for the whole run)

The music, was needless to say, different. Both Motion and Frisell are angluar, even sometimes jagged players, and Lovano's big gruff sound and long, full twisty lines have always been a great counterbalance, connecting thread. McHenry has a slightly smaller, darker sound, and plays in short, jerky bursts more than lines, which gave the music a feeling of a lot of the same thing. Early in the set was very effective- it was obvious that everyone was listening tremendously hard, and the interplay and ideas kicking around were remarkable. And of course, Frisell and Motian are old hands, and can toss off brilliant music together in their sleep. But as the set went on Motion and Frisell seemed to move more towards how they would play if Lovano were there, and it left big holes in the music, all rough and no smooth. McHenry is a very, very good player, and to his credit I never once felt like I was listening to someone play like Lovano. And perhaps further into the run, they'll establish more common ground.

I'd be interested to hear who knows what, and if Lovano will be back for any of the run.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Upcoming yoga events in Boston

The yoga community in Boston, in my experience, is a wonderful group of people who have a tough time coordinating anything. As a result, there is a tremendous burst of yoga-related benefits and events in Boston these coming weeks. Many are worth checking, most haven't been well publicized. Here are highlights:

Wednesday YogaMonth, a national campaign, rolls into Boston. (An all day event on a Wednesday? Right as school starts? Who planned this puppy?) That said, there are several great teachers leading workshops, including the nationally renowned Timothy McCall M.D., and a concert with Donna de Lorey, who seems to have successfully translated some of Madonna's forays into yoga music into something a little more coherent and reverent.

Saturday Sept. 13- a fashion and photography show at the Intercontinental Hotel to benefit YogaHope. I will be playing with my trio at the reception. Despite rave reviews from all of our service partners and a lot of great recent press, YogaHope recently had to cut its Seattle programs due to lack of funding, so any help they can get is critical.

Sunday Sept. 21- Global Mala, a project Shiva Rea has been leading nationally, rolls into Boston. I am especially looking forward to the AcroJam in the afternoon.

October, date TBA- one of my first yoga teachers, Rebecca Pacheco, leads a benefit class for a charter school she works with in Boston. Details TBA.

November 16? (will confirm)- The annual 108 Sun Salutations to benefit YogaHope and Pathways to Wellness at SportsClub LA. Details and a link when I have it.

On a personal note, I will no longer be teaching on Thursday evenings in Brookline, and new classes and workshops will hopefully be added soon!

And like a Bolt I'm off

With the school year fast approaching, and the realization that I haven't left the state of Massachusetts all summer, I'm on the Boltbus down to NYC for a couple of days. The itinerary, beyond the usual seeacouplepeopleIain'tgottoinaminute (subject, of course, to radical change at any time) :

Music: Moition/Frisell/Lovano at the Vanguard tonight. (If you haven't seen them, drop what you're doing and go NOW. They're there for two weeks- no excuses.)

Tomorrow I'm going to try to hit the new LPR to see Nasheet Waits and the two trios he's involved in. Everything I see and here about the venue is so positive. (I thought about trying for the Zorn/Reed hit, but I dont' think I can handle that scene.)

Yoga: I hope to hit Yoga for the People and Big Apple Power Yoga, the new Baptiste affiliate in NYC.

On a totally unrelated note, it's the time of year where like so many other grunts, I put together my fantasy football team. I think I'm going to use the Facebook app this year, so if you're on facebook and want to form a league, let me know.

If you see me, please say hi. Suggestions are always welcome.