Monday, September 29, 2008

Daily musings

Wow, it's been awhile since I did this...

- A last minute concert announcement: Judy Silvano performs tonight at Lily Pad with Joe Lovano and the Fringe. I reviewed a similar gig last year, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Anytime you can see Garzone and Lovano on the same bill, and for only $10, how can you miss?

- I did get to most of the okayokay set last Thursday, and thoroughly enjoyed it. The trio of Khabu, vocalist Kyoko Kitamura and woodwind freak Mike McGinnis rolled through a whimsical set of songs and improvisations, riffs on the Weekly World News, e.e. cummings, and original loops. Khabu is playing a lot more mandolin, in addition to his burning otherworldly electrics, which in a strange way grounds the proceedings. A lot of fun.

- Congratulations to Miguel Zinon on the announcement of his MacArthur fellowship, a truly remarkable event. Darcy opines about it. I'm still listening to some of Miguel's solo stuff- I'm not that farmiliar with them- thinking hard about this one and what it could mean. More soon.

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bhu said...

Yo Pat! Great to see you - many, many thanks for coming and posting about the music. Let's talk about this recording project you mentioned when I'm back again in November. I'm down.

Just a subtle strings-geek correction: I've been bitten by the 'flea' known in Hawaii as the 'ukulele. Additionally, I've added the Brazilian cousin, the cavaquinho. These are similar, but more distantly related, to the mandolin family, of which I currently don't own or play.