Tuesday, March 28, 2006

you got a wiccan problem wid dat?

Seen in today’s Boston Globe- CBS film crews will be shooting a new drama, titled “The Way”, in several Boston neighborhoods this week. (Actually, only, y'know, Beacon Hill, North end- the really photogenic ones) According to CBS, the show chronicles "an influential New England gang [that] loses its mob boss and turns to witchcraft to handle its criminal enterprises,"

Now I’m never one to argue against the jobs, and buzz, filming in Beantown creates, and maybe I'm oversensitive, but don’t people in the rest of the country already think we’re strange enough without last-gasp voodoo mafiosi? Especially since our last big mob story is something to be sooo proud of.

As long as I'm on the daily annoyances...
I saw a copy of The ProFessors at ye old Coop today. I remember some ruckus about it, so I looked through it. David Horowitz, an old "New Leftist", now right-wing shouter, picks his 101 "most dangerous", read least favorite, college professors, for crimes real (The U. South Florida now under arrest on terrorist charges) to imagined (a professor at Earlham- a Quarker college- who spends too much time on peace and justice work.)

Now, letting that last one slide, I'm willing to grant you that academia tends to favor the left over the right in this country, and there are a lot of professors at high end schools teaching low-end drivel. But if you're going after "most dangerous", as your title says, why aim so low? I say any professor with access to nuclear materials, anthrax, et al (and there are a lot more than 101 of those) scares me a hell of a lot more than Amiri Bakara, or Jerry Faldwell for that matter, at their most overinflated.

But that probably doesn't sell as many books...

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