Sunday, March 19, 2006


Hello, and a belated welcome to my blog. (Hey, consistency and linear thinking were never my strong suits.) This is a continuation of the blog I started on myspace, though hopefully it's better looking, with less ads and more and better links. I've reposted much of the stuff I did there, since I like it just fine, and will go from there. As I said before:

In the past year or so Ive been turned onto the world of blogging- several friends have interesting, intelligent blogs about everything under the sun, and when I'm able to get online I try to check them out. One thing that strikes me most about them is how wide-open the form of these blogs are, which I guess is true of the web as a whole. The blogs are as egg-headed, or scholarly, or tyrannical, or as out there as the people who are writing them, and theyre usually much more reflective of these people's style than more traditional writing would be. I think its also changed journalism as well- for instance, read the Sports Guy, on ESPN, whos a relative upstart, then read Peter King on SI, an old hand. I love them both, but I dont think theres any way that Peter King writes that column the way he does without the Sports Guy, (Can you tell I like Bill Simmons?)

As for me, I have no such delusions of adequacy, But, Ill be here as often as I can, posting my thoughts about whatever is on my mind that day- probably a fair amount of music, yoga, some politics, no doubt, and whatever funny stories. I hope youll read, enjoy, hate it, argue, agree- but let me know. That would be great.

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