Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jeremy Udden @ Rutman’s Violin Shop

Tonight (Tuesday 3/21/06), Jeremy (pronounced oo-DEEN, please) brings his quintet into Rutman's, one of the nicest little places in Boston to hear music. And Jeremy is one of the nicest guys in Boston to hear, as well as one of the baddest young alto players on the planet. Despite an obvious (and stated) debt to Lee Konitz, Jeremy never sounds like anybody but himself- warm full sound and long sloping lines that never come at you quite the way you expect them to. I've never actually heard him as a frontman (lots of work with the Either Orchestra and Holus Bolus, among others), so this should be fun. For me, it's like Coltrane's comment about Stan Getz- "Let's face it, we'd all sound like that if we could."

He's celebrating his first solo disc on Fresh Sound, featuring Matt Wilson, Bob Brookmeyer, and Ben Monder. Tonight's quintet is a little less star-studded but no less worthy- featuring Nate Blehar and the inimitable Richie Barshay.

Rutman’s is at 11 Westland Ave, by Symphony Hall and Whole Foods.

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