Monday, March 20, 2006

Monday morning crawl

Like many, many American males, I spent way too much time watching college basketball this weekend. (I did, however, manage to pretty well avoid St. Patrick’s Day, which in Boston, takes some doing.) That said, it was a lot of fun, especially watching Uconn hang on for dear life, and seeing UNC get bounced. And BC didn’t give me a heart attack this time. My bracket is still okay- six of eight of my final 8 left, but that ain’t going to win many prizes. That said, Boston Globe columnist Derrick Jackson did his annual pull-back-the-veil on that dark underbelly of college sports, graduation rates, especially of black players. Sadly, not too many surprises, but it’s important to be reminded that while the NCAA makes millions on our infatuation with college sports, the kids who actually do the heavy lifting see precious little of it, either in the near (no stipend) or long term (no job prospects). Amd if you went to a D-I school, remind them everytime they ask you for money. (There are huge argument to be had here, I know, which I’ll gladly engage in if pressed.) Anyhow, as if I needed another reason NOT to cheer for Oral Roberts…

Speaking of articles, Yoga Journal finally posted an article they published this winter about what you’re really washing yourself with. It isn’t very pretty:

“Just last year, the European Union passed a directive dictating that personal care products must be free of chemicals known or strongly suspected to cause cancer, genetic mutations, or birth defects. As a result, over 1,200 chemicals were banned. But almost all of them are still authorized for use in the United States. Believe it or not, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require makers of shampoos, soaps, or deodorants to test products for safety before they're sold. Among the roughly 10,500 ingredients used in personal care products, only 11 percent have been evaluated for safety.” (emphasis mine)

This one singlehandedly changed how I shop for the few soaps and stuff I do use, (c'mon when your as bald as I am, it keeps things reeeall simple) and I do literally feel better for it.

An interesting little blog on Popmatters about the state of, well, blogging. I think he makes some cogent points (I heard something similar on Pacifica news last week, which is probably why I mention it.) But, do you really need that many big words to darkly navel-gaze?

And in case you don’t get the Sunday funnies.

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