Monday, March 27, 2006

This week's concerts

My highlights of the musical week in Boston:

Sofia Koutsovitas at Ryles, Thursday 3/30, 9pm. Sofi and I met at NEC, commiserating over our classes with the by-that-point inscrutable genius of George Russell. She has blossomed into a fantastic singer, composer, and performer, and brings her octet to Boston this week. The music defies easy categorization, subsuming and re-imagining all the musics she loves and studies- Peruvian, Brazilian, her native Argentinian, free jazz, pop, etc.- into something truly her own.

The Quartet of Happiness, Lily Pad, Friday 3/31, 11:30 pm. One part badass free-bop quartet, one part performance art, one part Conan O’Brien. My dream soundtrack for Zippy the Pinhead. Featuring the ferocious alto playing of Ric Stone.

And, finally, the inimitable Ran Blake brings his unique, fractured vision of gospel shouts, film noir, country songs and fine ethnic food to MIT on Saturday evening 4/1. I can't say enough about Ran, especially in a rare solo setting. He splits the bill with Charles Gayle best known for his saxophone shouts, but tonight also playing solo piano. (I saw Gayle’s quartet six or seven years ago, with the then lesser-known Matthew Shipp and Guillermo Klein. I left weak-kneed, literally) Not to be missed.

Currentl listening: Maria Schneider, Concert in the Garden

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