Sunday, March 19, 2006

Top 10s

These are old, but haven't completely made the rounds yet. For those of you who don't know, this year my brother, his wife and I have gone from relative homebodies to globetrotters- me sailing along on Cruise Ship X, they as currently Peace Corps volunteers in Kazakhstan. (Don't feel bad, I didn't know where it was either initially.) I like their Top 10 list better, but then I didn't have the benefit of cows.


10. Get paid to watch people make drunken bloody fools of themselves.
9. Exotic places, exotic people, exotic diseases.
8. As one of 25 Americans in a crew of 900, suddenly YOU are the model
7. All bingo, all the time.
6. Ladies, get hit on in more than thirty different languages!
5. Gentleman, get shot down in more than thirty different languages.
4. You get paid in US cash, which makes you feel really safe on foreign
ports of call.
3. Every employee's dream- Bahamian labor law.
2. Eat the same gourmet food as the guests- 2 days later.
1. Free Dramamine.

Top 10 reasons to visit Kazakhstan.

10. If you came to get away from it all, you succeeded.
9. Car lanes are optional here; fulfilling every East Coast driver's dream.
8. All the Chai you can drink.
7. There is nothing like a 30 hour train ride to start your vacation right.
6. Don‚t know about you, but I came for the seasons: winter, summer, and mud.
5. If you like what you had for dinner, you‚ll probably see it again for breakfast. Nothing like a bowl of borsch in the morning to get you going.
4. "Till the cows come home" is between 6 and 7 every night.
3 . With no street lights and plenty of pot holes, speed bumps, and manure, walking home is entertainment itself; no need for alcohol.
2 The term "Rasta-donkey" takes on its full meaning.
1. You flew over 10,000 miles from the US to KZ, and still you are buying stuff made in China.

They also have a blog of their own.

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