Sunday, July 22, 2007

buzzing the hivemind

I wanted to veer away from the usual fare for a moment to ask for some computing advice.  For the Mac people in the house, what is your browser of choice these days.  I was using Camino, and am test driving Opera, and like parts but not the whole of each.  (I think IE and, sadly, Safari are a lost cause.)  Yahoo mail, which I use a lot, doesn't seem to like Opera very much, and Camino doesn't like any Microsoft-based plug ins.  Advice is most welcome.  

Also, are any of my readers test-driving the new beta version of Reason? (v 4.0)  I signed up, but haven't gotten it yet.  I haven't upgraded from 2.5 yet, and this would be a great excuse for me to get off my ass and program some more.  (I like 2.5 a lot, but have a really tough time with the vocorder function, and a few other odds n'ends.)

On similar grounds, any feedback on the Finale '08?  Am considering it, but I feel like I'm just now used to '07.

If for whatever reason you don't want comments posted publicly, you can e-mail me at pat (at) visionsong (dot) com.  I appreciate the help always.

Also, a nice converstaion has started in my, and TIG's comments section about our post-modern posts.  More on that from me soon.  

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