Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Red roses smell funny

What little historical evidence we have of the actual St. Valentine was that he was a (presumably celibate) Christia bishop in the 6th century, martyred for his beliefs. The legend goes he wrote notes of support to his followers, which were dubbed "Valentines". How we got from there to today's Hallmark-driven orgy is beyond me.

The really awful weather here in Boston (snow/sleet, freezing later, then more snow) has knocked St. Valentine from the headlines today, but I couldn't let it pass:

A few years ago, for a school assignment, the class had to write an American Songbook style tune, within fairly specific parameters. The due date happened to fall on Valentine's Day, so I came up with a little number called "You Won't See Me Wearing Red Today". (I was in a mini-Cole Porter phase.) I thought about posting an MP3 of me singing it, but I realized I want people to come back. But for all you misers out there, here's the chorus:

I don't feel at all romantic
pretty ballads sound pedantic
You won't see me wearing red today
Gourmet choclates taste like dirt
and hallmark greetings all sound curt
I'll have no trouble keeping love at bay
It's a Given I won't get
that after midnight cigarette
those romantic notions are all lost on me.
Can't imagine moonlit dinner
on a day when saints and sinners
wait and hope that cupid drops a dream their way.
You won't see me wearing red today.

For the very curious, here's a PDF download of the whole thing. If you care to sing it, and sing better than I do- that doesn't take much- please do. I'd be curious to hear the results

Please don't e-mail about how weak the verse is, I already know. I still got an A.

Current listening- Metheny Meldhau

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Mwanji Ezana said...

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on Metheny/Mehldau. I'm rather mixed on it.