Monday, February 05, 2007

Deep in the Forrest

Ana Forrest, another of the Big Important American Yogis, announced that she is closing her home studio in Santa Monica CA effective last week. She sites her travel schedule (and she travels a LOT, even by celebrity yogi standards), but in talking to people I get the sense that the economics of running a studio also played a role. As a zillion yoga studios have popped up over the past few years, there has been a lot of talk in the yoga community of if/when we would hit a saturation point. If the events of the past month are any indication, I think we may be seeing it. That said, the two Baptiste studios that remain (where I work) are bursting at the seems at present. Some of that is due to the typical New Years' burst of enthusiasm about health, but I think it is a good omen for us.

I mention Ana partly becuase I am taking one of her intensive classes this week in Boston. (She's here for the weekend, but everything is sold out) I have taken with Ana herself once before- she is an amazing practicioner (see this video if you need proof) and has a unique take on how Americans, with our type A personalities and terrible physical habits, should practice yoga. I thoroughly expect to get my tail kicked in five different directions. But I'll blog about it.

Speaking of yoga, here is a belated link to the Yoga Journal blog from their recent San Francisco conference. Not as thorough as last year's Boston blog, but there are some worthwhile nuggets there. (I find the arguments about Ana's demonstration, which come up every time they post here vidoes, fascinating, if a little self-obsessed) Of special note is this video from one of Seane Corn's workshops. Seane is one of my true heroes, and this is an example of why.

Current listening: Keith Jarrett Carnegie Hall Concert. I can't get bored with it, especially Disc 2. It's so damn good!

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