Wednesday, February 07, 2007

do not adjust your blogroll

That has been my unwitting mantra for too long, but today it gets a long overdue freshening up. The new suspects:

Taylor Ho Bynum and Dave Douglas are familiar to regular readers, but I finally added them to the roll. Likewise for Ana Forest and Seane Corn in the yogaroll.

Andrew Durkin is the leader of the LA-based Industrial Jazz Group, a great big band who made a lot of waves in a recent East Coast tour. The blog's title is great.

Ethan Iverson's wife Sarah has a blog of her own. I met Sarah at the Bad Plus hit in Boston last fall- she is an absolute delight to be around, in addition to being an cool writer, yogini and foodie. I look forward to her novel, and pray that at some point in the future I will fortuitously land at one of her dinner parties.

Speaking of TBP, this little video on Youtube is amazing. Tuesday was a little dark (that's two bad Tuesdays in a row), but upon seeing this everything was fine.

In other news, ">Joni Mitchell is making music again! While I haven't been to crazy about her more political songs. ("Sex Kills", "Balloon"), her last two albums were great, and hopefully the new work will be no different. If anyone sees the dance piece, I hope you'll let us know how it is. In addition, the Boston Globe's music blog posts today abotu Nonesuch's upcoming Joni tribute record. I love critics- they'll take ink to bitch about Sarah McLaughlin and k.d. lang. Then squeeze in "Oh, yeah, the album also features Elvis Costello, Cassandra Wilson, Caetano Veloso(!!), Prince and Annie Lenox. Even if it stinks, I'll drop $15 for that.

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