Friday, February 16, 2007

Little man in the big town

With the onset of school vacation for the local schools, I'm headed down to New York for a few days, to hear some music you just can't get here, connect with some old friends, and soak up a little of the city. The itenerary:

Tonight: still in Boston, I'm undecided between the Danielo Perez trio at the Regattabar, and traditional Irish superand Solas at the Somerville Theatre. I've seen both before, and they're both fantastic.

Saturday: thanks to a heads-up from Ethan, will hit the Malaby/Matana Roberts twin-bill at Stone.

Sunday: ???

Monday- Behearer interview #1 during the day, then up in the air for the evening.

Haven't decided on where to practice (yoga, that is). Hoping to check out the Dharma Yoga center.

Suggestions on both are most welcome.


Ryshpan said...

Hey Pat,

I'll be in New York on Monday night (and in Boston tomorrow and Sunday). Let me know if you come up with any plans for Monday evening.


Anonymous said...

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on both of those Stone gigs. I'm familiar with Malaby's work and intrigued by the pairing with Waits and Parker in that group. I've heard great things about Sorey and I'm a big fan of Matana's playing in the Sticks and Stones trio with Josh Abrams and Chad Taylor.