Saturday, February 03, 2007

Feeling Soopey

Yup, you know I'll be watching. A couple of random thoughts about tomorrow's "Big Game":

Perhaps the most interesting subplot of the game, for music fans at least. is that Prince is playing the halftime show. There have been rumors floating around for several weeks about the status of his Purpleness' hip. (His actual hip, that is). His people say he's fine- I hope so. If his appearance on last year's Grammys is any indication, it should rock.

Oh, and did you know that this is the first time an African-American head coach has led a team to the Superbowl? And there are two of them? Sorry to be snarky, it really is a great thing. It's just the way it's been hyped, both positively and sadly, not so, is getting to me.

Based on my unofficial observations, most Bostonians are rooting for Da Bears, just because we're still pissed about the Colts beating the Patriots. How typically parochial of us.

If this game were to be decided by the strength of the music scene, of course Chicago would win walking away. However, since there is real skill involved, my money is on the bionic arm of Payton Manning and the Colts. Colts win, Bears cover.

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