Friday, August 11, 2006

Wagging the dog

Links o'the day:

(via Darcy)- Who needs record companies?, and a depressed response.

See also The Long Tail, (via Dave Douglas). I'm getting the book version from the library, and will have more to say on Monday.

Vaguely related- Lach's Antifolk Festival hits the East Village (again). Like literally thousands of musicians, I've met Lach a few times, because he booked me at the Sidewalk Cafe in the East Village. Site of some of the best, and worst, singer-songwriter performances I ever heard in NYC. Nice to see he's still doing it, probably grating everyone in the room as he does it.

Completely unrealted: Destination Out has a cut from the remarkable, out of print Dogon A.D., mentioned recently in my 70's post. Fan-bleepin-tastic. I almost feel silly mentioning them every week, bt the posts are that good, consistently.

Finally, I am a bit of a MySpace junkie, I'm embarrased to admit. (more on this in Monday's post) Highlight of the day- a friend comment from one pretty 20-something girl to another. (I don't know either one):

"hey babycakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get ready to be stalked by men named DA BOMB and EL GUAPO. "

For the non-Bostonians, El Guapo is a reference to a Red Sox relief pitcher of about five years ago, real name Rich Garces, who was 5'8" and at least 270 pounds. And at his prime, a half-decent pitcher, but nobody really cared about that. He became something of a folk hero in these parts (his nickname loosely translates as 'the handsome one'). So to a Boston townie, this is high comedy.

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