Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dead Sox?

Both the Boston Globe and the Boston Sports Guy spend ink writing off the Red Sox today- not a good sign. On the bright side, I get to see the Yanks/Sox game on Sunday, my first of the year. (I´m predicting they lose tonight, and lose 3 of 5 to the Yanks, whereby it´s officially over.)

Early returns: I bought Thom Yorke´s Eraser on ITunes this week. Still undecided, but as an album it´s not killing me. Too much of one thing, even if it´s a great thing, is still too much of one thing.

Both the Tipping Point and the Long Tail are recommended reading. I´m putting together a long post about this, in relation to all of the talk about record labels popping around the blogosphere.

And rock nostalgia is the order of the week- Bad Plus for videos, Darcy for sax solos. I never had MTV as a kid, so I abstain.

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