Friday, August 04, 2006

buzz beep buzz

24 days until Cruise Ship X starts to fade into memory... Help me start reintegrating into musical life again, please.

Seriously, I'm trying to reorient my ears to what's going on in the ambient/electronica/bleep, blurp and groove scene. (Okay, I don't know if there is such a scene, but there ought to be.) I know Squarepusher drops an album next month, (preview track here) My last few purchases in this realm were old Sigur Ros (love it), and old We (mixed bag, mostly good) Assume I know nothing about it, except that I'm interested- I used to know something, but that was when I was in NYC. For a college town, Boston is a surprisingly thin scene.

Any advice? I'll follow up with reviews of the best and worst. Thanks in advance.

Meantime, having nothing to do with the above. Song of the day is "War" by Jonatha Brooke. That about says it all. The original version with Joe Cocker is nice too (link doesn't work, sorry).

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