Thursday, May 24, 2007

Name that tune. No really, I mean it.

Yesterday at 4:29pm marked the 12,000th visitor to the visionsong blog. That's twelve thousand hits in a little more than a year- you do the math. Readers come from lands very familiar and some I only dream of. (Tibet, New Zealand and Brazil are my favorites when I look at sitemeter). Thanks to everyone who stops by, and everyone who links here. It's really flattering.

To celebrate, I'm wanted to send you more music, and get more feedback. (I already know green is not my color, and rogaine is a bad idea, so not that kind of feedback...) I just posted a new tune to my Myspace. It's not really new, but it's never seen the light of day before. I recorded it in 2003 with my band Lift, featuring the amazing Jed Wilson on piano and Jason Nazary on drums. The problem is, I never came up with a proper title for it- it's been nicknamed "The Happy Tune" every time I've every played it, and I've never liked that name. (I feel like parts of it also need a rewrite, but that's coming too.) So, please send me a new title for the tune- I'll consider anything as long as it's not profane. If it fits the vibe of the tune, even better. The winner, if they so desire, gets an personally autographed copy of one of my CDs. (my autopen is broken). Post suggestions (or praise the tune, rip the tune, I'm okay either way) to the comments section below. Contest closes 5/31.

And thank you for your support.

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larrylove said...

Hullo Pat- Very nice tune. As I was sitting here trying to come up with something, my wife came over and "crystallized my thoughts eloquently" and said, "This sounds like Hopscotch." So really, if you like this, she should get the CD I guess.
It may be because she just bought the Julio Cortazar novel for me. But I was thinking of dancing in an almost unbalanced but not scary kind of way- which is what happens when you play hopscotch.
Anyway, hope you like it. Been enjoying your blog, and "everyone who links" there. Fun little community to visit.