Tuesday, May 22, 2007

As we used to sing

The ever-reliable Destination Out! has unveiled it's newest contribution to the musical conversation, the We Love the 90s! series of top 10 lists of the era. Many wonderful musicians, bloggers and critics have contributed, and of course there are sounds. The 90s was my real initiation into music, more nights at the Regattabar than I can fathom hearing McCoy Tyner, Gateway, Lee Konitz and (yes) Wynton Marsalis for really short money, my first real performing and gigging in high school, college, and finally a move to New York in '99. My own thoughts and lists are soon to come, but there's so much great music there already, and it's only day 2.

Darcy has posted his crackerjack set from Saturday night. Yowzah. His own addenda to his D-out list is thoughtful and worth following up on. It dovetails nicely with Marc Ribot's recent piece on his protest site and in this month's All About Jazz. Now that all the old models are falling apart for recording and presentation of new music, for good and ill, now it the time to really think about both past and future alternatives.

And completely unrelated, several of my yoga friends have been buzzing about the big twenty-page spread in this month's Vanity Fair, featuring basically the biggest names associated with yoga, including Iyengar and Pathabhi Jois, but also Sting and Christy Turlington (yes, her lead photo is silly). I actually prefer the web outtakes to the full shoot. (Notable absences to the list: anyone associated with "power yoga"- Baron, Barbara Benagh, the Kest brothers, etc., Seane Corn, Krishna, Ram or Bhagavan Das) I leave it to others to judge this or say what it means, but based on the yogis here who I've actually met (Shiva Rea, David Life, Gurmukh) and the ones whose work I've studied at any length (Erich Shiffman, John Friend, Rodney Yee, and of course Iyengar) the photographer really seems to "get" his subjects. The photos capture them, the positive and in some cases the less so, brilliantly. The portraits of Iyengar, Deshikar and Sri Vishwa are particularly moving.

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