Thursday, May 31, 2007


D-Out's conclusion to the 90s party. Comments thread is really great. Relatedly, here is the youtube clip that features the World Sax Quartet with Bluitt, Lake, James Carter and Greg Osby. Hamiett Bluitt is a force of nature...

via Darcy- Galapagos is moving. I can't remember- where is Dumbo, and the new Galapagos, in relation to the soon to be built basketball arena/mall that's being built for the Nets in Brooklyn? That puppy is going to have a big effect on everything, I just don't know how.

On the political side, I really like Glenn Greenwald's analysis of macho actor, soon to be candidate Fred Thompson. Especially if you skip his obligatory hissy fit about Chris Matthews. I think this theory he puts forth is dead on, that the image of the candidates is much more important than the actuality of them, and is driving this presidential campaign, especially (but not exclusively) on the Republican side. Not a good sign. If the reality mattered, we'd be gearing up for a Richarson vs. Brownback race, which I certainly wouldn't oppose... (Why Brownback you say? Well, I don't think I'd vote for him, but if this is any indication, he has a brain. I'm not so sure about the rest of the elephant herd...)

More to come...

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