Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No Justice, Just Us

And now, a political aside. I would point everyone to Glenn Greenwald's blog on Salon today about yesterday's dramatic (and Tom Clancy-like) testimony by James Comey, the former assistant Attorney General under Bush and AG John Ashcroft. (excerpt here) Now Ashcroft is nobody's civil libertarian, but here he's the good guy, fighting off a domestic spying program even HE thinks is illegal! But behind all the theatrics, I think Greenwald (who I agree with 60% of the time, but find overly hyperbolic 90%) nails it:

"The overarching point here, as always, is that it is simply crystal clear that the President consciously and deliberately violated the law and committed multiple felonies by eavesdropping on Americans in violation of the law."

There has been speculation in the punditry that Alberto Gonzalez, the current AG and arch-villian in this story, will keep his job, partly because Bush is so ridiculously behind him, and partially because the Democrats like having him as a punching bag. Putting aside the cynicism of that second statement, he's a two bit petty thug, and he's running the JUSTICE department. He needs to be gone, yesterday. Call your senators.

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