Sunday, January 14, 2007

RIP Alice Coltrane

This is very sad news indeed. Alice Coltrane's passing is a shocker, to me at least. As Darcy mentioned, she leaves us during a prolific burst or work, and a reassessment of her legacy. I can't speak to her music at all, I plead ignorance. But her beautiful humanity is obvious in anyone who has met her son Ravi. I know Ravi casually, and he is a beautiful, grounded human being, carrying both the privlidges and burdens of his name with grace, warmth and dignity. I've heard him give his mother a lot of the credit for this. My heart goes out to Ravi and the Coltrane family.

Check out TBP and Destination Out for more on Alice's music.

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Anonymous said...

It was very sad news to me as well. You are absolutely right. She was a beautiful, spiritual person who I had the pleasure of meeting quite a few times (and I also traveled to India with her son for a month).

Thanks for writing this.