Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Today was one of the rare days I actually got to see one of the Ear of the Behearer cabal in person; Dave Douglas is in town for a residency at NEC (see last post). He and I bumped into each other (almost literally) for a brief chat. We talked about how pleased we are at Behearer's liftoff, and bemoaned how little time we've had to give it. (His excuses, needless to say, are a little better than mine, putting out a 7-disc length live collection, running a record company and all...)

That said, since we haven't be able to, I'd like to once again put a call out to the blogging public to contribute to this ongoing project, particularly to the "discussion" pages. We'd love to see editorials, reviews, and (perhaps most of all) links to other resources about the albums, artists, and materials in question. With our web-guru Brett's guidance, I hope to have some stuff added to the "help" section to help this process along, but in the meantime a put a couple of skeletal pieces up as examples. (And 'cause I think the links are cooler 'dan s#@%.) If we had even that much for 50% of the albums, what an amazing step that would be, and imagine all the information accesible through this one spot. I will also be adding the first couple of "editorial" pieces by the end of February- we had to push the interviews back, but trust me, they're worth waiting for.

And more on Dave's workshop, well, as soon as I have time to write it...

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