Thursday, January 11, 2007

early reports

A few links to pass the time while I work on some longer posts.

Darcy is blogging this weekend from the IAJE conference in New York. I echo his sentiments on just ow big a deal this can be to young players- my first IAJE was also the Boston '94 hit, and I remember just how big and bold it felt, and strangely empowering. I've been thinking a lot about the conference in light of Nate Chinen's recent report in the Times, and a couple of other posts on the state of the industry. I was hoping to make it down there this weekend, partially to talk up Ran Blake's book, but we hit a snag in the layout process (surprise), so my time and money is better spent closer to home.

Destination Out has Air doing Jelly Roll. Great as usual.

The Times reports today that the legendary Broken Angel house, featured in Chapelle's concert movie last year (among other things), is going through some major changes. Next trip down I have to see it for myself- I used to stay not far from there with a friend, and never knew about it.

I am also going to beef up my own 2006 favorites list. Darcy, Mwanji, and several others all have rolled that particular ball in interesting directions.

Finally, after 5-plus years of diligent service, I am retiring my Mac Powerbook G4 in favor of a last year's MacBook. Advice on useful downloads, tricks, and pitfalls are greatly appreciated.

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