Friday, December 01, 2006

Robert Altman

I am late to lament the loss of Robert Altman, one of the great directors certainly of my lifetime, and probably of all time. There are many great posts about him, and I don't know nearly as much as they do, but let me add the "Nashville" is one of my favorite films, and I think he more than any film figure resonates with me as an improviser. Part of my just wants to write the way he directs- big, messy, stepping on itself, and beautiful.

I just watched his adaptation of A Prarie Home Companion, his last effort. Not his best work, but I enjoyed it thoroughly. (I think how much you like it will hinge in large part on how much you like the radio show) I recommend it highly, though, because there is a director's commentary with he and Kevin Kline riffing for a hundred minutes. In between the usual inside jokes and raving about actors, there's a lot there about Altman's process, how he thought and how he created. And Kline is the perfect guide into his head- knowledgeable, intellegent, and sympathetic to Altman without being a doormat. Worth the watch, certainly. It's just sad that's the last we'll here of him,

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