Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The hardest working man takes a vacation

RIP James Brown. With Jimi Hendrix, the most important pop musician (possibly musician) after 1965. A few years ago in amongst the trailers for a movie I was seeing was a BMW short, starring the then seventy-ish Godfather, where he makes a deal with the devil to be eternally young. Naturally, he cheats the devil, keeps his Soul, and is seen as a cackling twenty-five year old driving away in a (what else) BMW convertible. I think a lot of us thought this might actually be the way it would go down in real life. It would've been something else.

JB is mourned especially in Boston, oddly enough. As the Globe reported this morning, Brown went onstage at the Boston Garden the night MLK died, pleaded for calm, and performed for more than two hours. He was widely credited for preventing the kind of race riots many other cities saw. Farewell to one of the greats.

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