Monday, September 11, 2006

Around the horn

I keep seeing new and interesting additions to the '73-'90 list, so I keep adding them. If you have more or see good ones, please pass them along. I can keep this up for a least a couple of more days. In the meantime, here are some other tidbits:

Destination Out comes through yet again, this time with the Brotherhood of Breath (apparently before I even asked.)

Through them I found this more mainstream radioblog, Daily Jazz. More Marion Brown, who D-Out also highlighted recently.

A man, a plan, Garageban= Adam Benjamin's Standards Project. I met Adam at Eastman, and kind of knew he had something like this in him.

A couple of new additions on the right there- Thich Nhat Hahn (mentioned yesterday) and a cool new Chicago music blog, Post No Bills. (via Steve Smith, who's presence on the blogroll is long overdue)

Just in case we needed to be reminded of the mess we're in in Iraq, and why.

On to happier things- I saw my first Red Sox game in three years Sunday- beautiful (if cool) day, great seats, good times. Everybody says this, but it's true: the new ownership has worked miracles with old Fenway Park. If you can afford it, it's an amazing place to see a game, much more than when I was a kid. And Sunday they even won. Hope springs eternal...

Speaking of sports, on Friday the Sports Guy debuted his 2006 football prognostications, with the comedic twist that his sport-clueless wife will pick the same games, as well as provide an unedited 300 word commentary on anything she likes, this time (because you know we all needed it), Lindsay Lohen and ProActiv. It's a little too Ozzie and Harriet, maybe, but it scores high on my Unintentional Comedy Scale. (By my count, he got 7 picks right this week, she got 5.)

And finally, yesterday's 9-11 post marked post #100 for this little blog. Thank you all for checking it out. To mark the occasion, I decided to try Blogger's new beta version, and in the process spruce things up a little. Feedback is always appreciated. In addition, since I've seen a recent spike in readership, thanks mostly to "the list" (and couldn't be happier), I thought I'd highlight a few favorites over the last few months. (by subject, not preference)

Music: Degeneration X, (I think it's my best-written post) Billy Hart, and, of course The List
Cruise Ship X: Food Talks, Hyperreality
Yoga: Baron, Seane Corn
Oh, and Hasslehoff. Sure cure (or sure... something) for a glum day.

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