Sunday, September 17, 2006

Home Front

Now that I'm more or less settled in Beantown, I've managed to note a couple local points of interest:

The Boston Globe reported (in April, I know): "Virgin Megastore is moving out of its Newbury Street digs to make room for a new high-end retailer at the landmark Frank Gehry building where luxury condominiums are opening this fall. Virgin has agreed to vacate its 40,000 square-foot music store by June 2007 and seek an alternative location in Boston in the near future, according to a statement released this morning."

I noticed this because they're having a "grand closing" store, which means their CD prices finally fall into the realm of the mortal human. (The average CD price, not on sale, is $19) I'll be pleasantly surprised if that last promise in the PR comes true- they are fighting Newbury Comics locally on one side, and ITunes on the other, both of which have them beat on price points. But, they are the only store left in Boston to have an actual classical music section, and I'm sad to see that go. And further yuppification of Newbury Street is never a good thing- I wonder how the new condo residents and the local goths will get along. This ain't New York, after all.

On a happier front, the music bargain of the week is tomorrow night: Judi Silvano appears at Ryles with George Garzone and her husband, some guy named Lovano. Whatever you think of Judi's singing, ( I think it's always interesting and adventurous, which is both a good and a bad thing), George and Joe toghether will undoubtedly tear the roof off. And it's $7, how can you beat that?

Judi Silvano, @ Ryles, Inman Square Cambridge, Tuesday, 9pm.

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