Thursday, September 21, 2006

If the violinist is kicking a field goal, is it chamber music?

Don't answer that. Please.

Blogging has been slow this week- there are a couple of things in the works, one a biggie. Plus, I just started teaching lessons again, and that's kept me busy. But a great busy- my God I missed this.

In the meantime, ESPN, to my surprise, brought us two nuggets this week:

The Sports Guy contrasts the Rock's cloying new movie "Gridiron Gang" with "The Wire", which he calls the best show ever. (I haven't seen either, so I abstain.) Sounds silly, but it ain't. The last three paragraphs are absolutely worth reading, even if you don't give a damn about sports or movies.

And, what would happen if an honest-to-god policy wonk wrote about sports? It might look like the Tuesday Morning Quarterback, a sports column by New Republic editor Gregg Easterbrook. In between commentary there's a couple of great bits about Segways and executive salary.

And, Darcy wins the quote of the week in his review of a "chamber music" concert featuring Nils Kline and Elliot Sharp:

[By the way, we know this hit was still chamber music because the audience was seated and drinking (complimentary!) wine. If everyone had been standing and drinking beer and/or liquor, that's not chamber music anymore.]

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