Monday, June 26, 2006

Theatre of the absurd, seaside edition...

From the "did I really see that?" department of Cruise Ship X:

-We have our own small contingent of Socceroos (Aussie fans) on board Cruise Ship X, and watching a World Cup match with them is a sight to behold. Like a lot of Americans, they're not espcially tuned in to the nuances of the game (contrast with, well, just about every other nationality on the ship). Which doesn't stop them from going bonkers while watching- screaming at everything, up and down out of their chairs, a lot of yelling at the ref, etc. (And remember, this is a lifelong Red Sox fan talking). Oh, and they were sober- it was the middle of the day, and most of us still had to work. They're playing Italy as I speak-we have a big Italian contingent on board. I wish I were watching them right now- the fans, not the game. Though I'm sure that will be fun too. (EDIT- as anyone follwing the Cup knows, the Socceroos lost to Italy on a phantom foul call in the box, one of the most eggregious pieces of bad officiating I've seen in awhile. A win for Italy, a loss for soccer. At this point, Ukraine is the only team left I'm really rooting for- family ties- and Italy is the only team I'm rooting against...)

-Between ships and life in the arts, you get used to seeing, well, quirky people. But this one still got me- one of my new colleagues talks to his food while he spoons it out of the dinner buffet. Talks to it: "Well, you look like a great piece of chicken. And how about you? And don't you pineapple look great today..." In a room full of people, no less. I've never seen the likes of it. Have you, Mr. Computer Keyboard?

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