Monday, June 26, 2006

Open mouth, infert footh

In light of new information, revisions are necessary. Or, a great big, "ooops."

Thanks, Darcy, for taking me to the mat for glaring holes in my late '70s album list (See comments on that post). In many cases, I had my dates mixed up (for some reason I thought the Kenny Wheeler ECM records, "Native Dancer" and Old and New Dreams happened later than they did. And I just dropped the ball on some stuff- Body Meta, Soap Suds, the killin' Mingus Changes records). Some of the other albums he mentions I don't think have aged well, so I hope he'll agree to disagree. A new list of "need to buys" would include all of the above, except the Changes records, which I own already. I feel silly.

And please note I just said "we have to consider the possibility..." I certainly don't feel qualified to either deify or condemn any era of music or art- that's not the job of a musician, or a critic for that matter. Certainly not the 70s, where in case you can't tell I have to claim a fair bit of ignorance. But the fact remains that the musical neocons of the '80s didn't come from a vacuum- I for one would like to know why. Other theories, or comments on mine are most welcome...

Also, I'm currently reading "Decade of Nightmares", the Phillip Jenkins book Dave Douglas mentioned in his original post. Recommended; it's fascinating- the picture he paints of the 1970s (culture at large, so far music has been mentioned only in passing, jazz not at all) is far bleaker, and far more absurd than the one in my head, which surprised me. I think there's more in his book that's relevant here- but I want to finish the book first.

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