Sunday, April 16, 2006

moving day

Well, today is moving day... again. Fly to Philly, then Miami. Hopefully, productive writing time. In the meantime...

Darcy brings the Secret Society, NYC's preeminent steampunk band, to the Bowery Poetry Club, this time with (well-deserved) big NYC press leading the way. I'm bummed I can't be there, seeing as I'll be somewhere on the Gulf of Mexico, but that doesn't mean you can't go. Highly recommended. (Also some neat stuff from Neko Case about pitch correction- will comment there soon.)

For those of you who want to send Easter cards, love letters or bomb threats, please forward them to:

Pat Donaher
123 SE 3rd Ave #474
Miami, FL 33131

Or just e-mail them.

EDIT: Travelling music is:

Ron Miles Trio
Jennifer Kimball- Oh Hear Us
Thelonious Monk plays the Music of Duke Ellington
Ebenhart Weber- Later That Evening
Jaco Pastorius- Word of Mouth, my favorite vision of Miami

See you in the tropics...

EDIT: I don’t know anyone who really likes to fly- dealing with the airport, the lines, plane air, the cramped seats, etc… I don’t either. But today was a picture perfect day- clear blue skies, and a flight path that gave us a great view of Boston in the spring. The dome at MIT is shining in the sun, and the quad there is a green that looks more like June than April, you can almost feel the buzz from Fenway even from so far up- the Sox are home today, and the edges of the park are a sea of red and blue dots from this far away. And (seemingly) right behind it there is an empty diamond, inviting the faithful to a game of their own. The fountain at the Monitor center, the waterfront, and on, and on. I live in a great city, one I miss when I leave, and sometimes being 5,000 feet above it reminds me of that.
I also lucked out on the airport lines.

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