Friday, April 28, 2006


I'm afraid I'm running around Miami today, so not much new stuff. Except to let you know...

A little while ago I added a new old tune to my Myspace, a recording of my tune "Affront" from my recital ages ago, featuring great trombonist Tim Albright. Three years later, I still feel really good about that music, which is unusual, so enjoy. More soon- I'm thinking about doing some solo saxophone stuff here on Cruise Ship X, since I have time and the space. But I need a new mic first.

Finally, I apologize that the links etc continue to be incomplete and poorly organized. HTML code is not my strong suit. Any blogspot people have suggestions? Hopefully by end of next week I'll patch it up.

Current listening- "What Now", Kenny Wheller, via Pandora. Damn I need to get this record.

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