Friday, April 21, 2006

dropping bombs

Briefly, I point you again to Mwanji's fascinating jazz blog, where he's been either dropping bombs or picking up other people's grenades and relaunching them. Especially like the bits about Bill Evans haters, and Bird and Dizzy being underappreciated(?). Some of this is stuff I've thought a lot about in the past (was at one point considering doing a DMA program, with the thesis about the evolution of jazz education), and will try to cobble something together this weekend.

Moveon is leading (among other charges) an e-mail petition calling attention to major web providers attempts to create a de-facto "e-mail tax". If it's true, it would cripple the web's ability to be a free open medium. I'm not sure how seriously to take it, but the worst case scenario is pretty awful- the web as another cable TV. Sign their petition here.

Along with a review of Dave Douglas' new disc. I'm on about the third listen...

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