Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Inhale, pause, exhale, pause... pause

I have accepted a promotion at my yoga job, which so far has been a little more than I bargained for. So blogging will slow dramatically until I get my feet under me here. I have a stack of CDs I've picked up in the past month and want to blog about, so maybe some capsule reviews will tide me through.

Oh, the verdict is in on the MySpace contest, and Larrylove wins with the title "Hopscotch". I like it, and it's the only one that came in. So Larry, please send an address and I'll send a copy of the CD to your lovely wife. And thanks to all who listen

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Dan said...

I had a strange lapse in my usual title prowess when I listened to your tune and came up blank on a good name. I should have still dropped a comment to let you know that I really dug the tune and the players on it, however.