Monday, April 02, 2007

Primus Aprius

Yesterday, my yoga class began as usual with the teacher saying "come into your downward facing dog". The entire second row, all regulars, lay down on their backs. And stayed there.

Today, since he couldn't do it yesterday, my father, a teacher will "preview" the grades his Latin and Greek students will get on their next report card. They will be at least 20 points lower than what they'll actually get. (Unless, of course, the kids did flunk, in which case the page says B+)

Yesterday, Destination Out! posted a fascinating, exciting piece about a lost Miles Davis recording ca. 1978.

I love early April.

(Note- I know that the last week of posts has been primarily links- I've been prepping for the gig at the end of the month, and several things came up. There are good, creative things coming, soon I hope. Just not today.)

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