Sunday, April 29, 2007

Human Behaviour

(comments added Monday)

I've given up my night owl ways, so I missed this last week- Bjork on SNL singing two bits from her new CD Volta- Earth Intruders and Wanderlust. Rarely do artists sound good on SNL, so that's a victory all by itslef. And when's the last time you saw a brass band on late night TV? Other thoughts:

Am I the only one who saw the one-piece, shiny outfits and said "look, it's like a white, female Arkestra!" (That sound you hear is Sun Ra spinning in his grave) Seriously, by now we all know Bjork's penchent for the oddball, but dragging the whole horn section into it was pretty absurd.
(Though D'Angelo did it with the whole band on the Voodoo tour. And those had to be heavier outfits.)

Also interesting, on "Earth Intruders" was the back and forth between the drummer and the laptop on who was really carrying the beat. There were whole verses where the drummer didn't play. This is not unique to Bjork, certainly, but this paradigm shift deserves more attention and exploration.

The times sits down with Bjork today. The album hits May 8, I'm excited.

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