Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lift and It Says Live @ the Lily Pad, 4/23 7:15 pm

Here we go again- I'm pleased to be onstage with two wonderful groups of musicians, and hope the Bostonians and others passing through will join us. The lineup(s):

Pat Donaher- saxophone(s)
Carmen Staaf- piano, accordian
Eric Platz- drums
others (possibly TBA)

We've had some lineup shuffling for this, so I still have no idea what this will sound like. Except to say that Carmen and Eric are amazing, so it'll be fun regardless. Carmen has won enough awards and notice for her playing to make me very jealous, and is currently playing her own music here and in New York, and holding down a teaching gig at Berklee. Eric is well regarded the drummer for Fat Little Bastard, as well as several more singer-songwriter kind of projects. The music will be primarily form-based; that's all I can say for now.

It Says Live:
Monikah- voice and sounds
Pat- reeds and laptop
Lucy Railton- cello
Michael Plunkett

I am thrilled to work again with Monikah (Monika Heidenmann) for the first time in several years- I wrote a few pieces for her at NEC, and love her more recent solo stuff. She makes the trek up from NYC to join us. Locals will remember Lucy from the recent Behearer band hit and from her work with local emo-jazz unit Naked Cuddle, among other things. And Michael is my oldest musical compadre (we've been playing together one way or another for almost 20 years now. Yikes.)
The music will be primarily free improvised, with various levels of preset direction. And the band's name (live is a verb here) comes from a Rumi poem, which we'll probably touch at some point.

The Lily Pad is located at 1393 Cambridge Street in Inmam Square (Google map here). There is a $10 suggested donation. If you want to stick around, the legendary Fringe plays at 10pm (seperate cover) Hope you can join us.

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