Monday, July 24, 2006

headed out

A couple of new destinations today:

Several blogs have recommended the new site Destination Out, a sort of primer for great "avant-garde jazz". (Those pesky quotes again. Remember the Avant-garde was actually a specific art movement in France more than fifty years ago, so I never found it a very useful label.) They include sound clips and notes, and everything there is completely worth checking out. I'm currently digging on some old Prime Time, fractured but funky.

Also, in a yoga magazine I saw an ad for zaadz, which seems to fancy itself a Myspace for idealogues. Not a bad idea, I think, but I'm not sold yet. Seems like an awful lot of happy naval-gazing, and not so much action. Thoughts?

Also, Ryshpien and Mwanji are both hitting the issue of "Euro-jazz", and American backlash. Will say my piece soon- I think it's an interesting topic. And Mwanji's cats keep hitting each other...

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~C4Chaos said...

well, you can see for yourself if we're all "navel gazers" by checking us out.

i invite you to browse through this pod for more info:

hope to see you soon :)

~C (for Connecting)