Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Current playlist, or, Virgin should shut down all the time...

For those three who care, here is my, very new, current listening. It´s informed primarily by the fact that the Virgin Records in South Miami is closing with a half off sale, which is to say, it´s now vaguely affordable to us mere mortals. So, I went down and picked through what was left on Monday. (Had I made it two weeks ago, who knows how much better I´d have done.)

Gerry Mulligan Quartet at Storyville, 1963(w/Brookmeyer)
Dutilleux- Symphonic Works Volume 1
Cassandra Wilson- Thunderbird
Dave Douglas- Keystone (actually, I´m still stuck on the DVD)
Al Green- I'm Still in Love with You
D'Angelo Live at the Jazz Cafe
Bob Brookmeyer- Spirit Music

I will blog on Spirit Music in detail later. Anyone interested in the others shoot me a line.

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