Tuesday, August 25, 2009

RIP Joe Maneri

In less than a month Boston has lost two of its major musical thinkers. Composer, saxophonist, NEC professor and tireless advocate of microtonality Joe Maneri has passed away. The few details available are posted on allaboutjazz from the family.

Like George, Joe was a complete individual, funny, irreverent, and passionate about his cause. I never took with him, but the man who looked like Yoda and could cuss like Joe Pesci was impossible to ignore at NEC. His microtonal class was for years late on Friday afternoon, not exactly prime time, and always attracted him a group of passionate students, many of whom came to incorporate a lot of what he was teaching into their own work as composers and player. (Many on the bandstand with him)

His website is a fascinating look at his evolution as a composer and player, especially his works page. Condolances to son Joe and his whole family.

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