Thursday, July 30, 2009

ring ring go my ears

One addenda to my thoughts on George Russell, which didn't fit into an obit:

I'd known that George was in poor health for a while- Ran Blake and George were close, and when I was working for Ran five years ago people were already worried about George. I would mention that one of the contributing factors to George's health issues was tinnitus, a condition I've been dealing with for ten years. I would say that if you're ears ring in a way that bothers you, don't ignore it- it can literally drive you crazy. While there is no cure per say, several Eastern medicine treatments, meditation and diet adjustments have been very promising in coping with it. For me, yoga has been a godsend as therapy, but I know that's not the only approach. I would encourage anyone with issues here to look for help- I'm glad to answer e-mails as best I can, and send resources.

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