Friday, January 23, 2009

These are extraordinary qualities.

Overlooked in all of the Oscar hype for "Slumdog" was the other song in the best song category, Peter Gabriel's "Down to Earth".  This was one of my favorite songs of the year, from my absolutely favorite movie.  

I thought it was interesting, and kind of cool, that two of the three songs nominated were from the closing of each film, two of my favorite credit sequences ever.  (If you missed the end of Wall*E, go back and watch again. )  I hope Gabriel wins, but I think it'll be one of the "Slumdog" songs, as a make-up for other awards it may not get.  Ah, awards shows...

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Subhorup Dasgupta said...

It is heartening to see A. R. Rahman getting nominated for his Slumdog work, but at the same time it is sad that this is definitely not among his best work, and the only reason it is getting nominated is because of the slumdog package. His work for Roja, Dil Se, Bombay, Lagaan, Jeans, are milestones, not only of Indian popular music, but also of the redefinition of texture and tonality of motion picture soundtracks. I strongly advise anyone who liked Slumdog to give a listen to Rahmans seminal works from his early years. A true master.