Monday, October 09, 2006

Why Patty can't Blog

I know the title stinks, but I don't know why Johnny can't read. (NOTE: please don't ever, ever, EVER call me Patty in real life. I know I look scrawny, but I have my methods, and my pacifism, while extending to various Korean, Afgan and even American religiofascists- and Kenny G fans- has its limits, and that's one of them.)

A couple of weeks ago Dave spilled the beans- this is what's been eating a lot of my blogging time. Working title "Ear of the Behearer", in honor of the late great Dewey Redman, it will be a site that combines the hivemind's list with the magic of Wiki software, creating (hopefully) a reference guide to music of the 70s and 80s of all stripes, but focusing on jazz and creative music. I've been working on it with a great musician/programmer, Brett Porter, with Dave and Ethan providing some direction and guidance. (As it shapes up, I'm thinking my role will be primarily with the non-Wiki content, doing articles, interviews and digging up new and interesting stuff about this already interesting music. Especially as too many of these musicians pass on, it'd be great to hear from THEM about the music, since they really are the authorities.) I'm pretty excited about it, especially as it gets closer to actually getting up and running. So stay tuned.

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